Rev. Interim Ministry

There is a space between the ending of one experience and the beginning of the next, which we call liminal space.  You can think of it as the time betwixt and between.  The simplest description of a liminal space is the threshold between 2 rooms.  The deeper meaning, particularly in a congregational context, is the time of transition between the known ex-minister and the unknown future ministry, including the possibility of a next settled minister.  In the words of Susan Beaumont, an expert in liminality writes:

An effective leader must help individuals and groups remain in a liminal state for the time that it takes to get clear about identity and to discover new structures that are more appropriately suited to their emerging identity.

Rev. Alexa is a minister who respects all that happens during liminal time and will companion a congregation on this journey.

Interim ministers help congregations through the process of loss, grief, learning and movement to a new way of being.  Whether the previous minister left on the best of terms or poor terms, whether they were there for years or a shorter time, a ministerial change calls for reassessment and healing in a congregation.  Rev. Alexa is an accredited interim minister, AIM.  Rev. Alexa would be pleased to walk the path of transition with your congregation.

Interim ministers are specialists in supporting congregations in transition.  There are multiple tasks congregations are encouraged to undertake in the interim and the interim minister facilitates all of those tasks.  These tasks include exploring congregational history and identity; assessing and, where needed, making leadership and structural changes; building or renewing congregational energy and linkages; committing to new leadership and direction.  All of these tasks are essential.  All require specific ministerial skills.  Rev. Alexa has been trained to assist in these areas and has worked with 3 congregations to explore those areas with great success.

Interim ministers are, by definition, in a congregation for a relatively brief time.  Thus, the ability to rapidly build relationships of trust and connection is essential.   The interim minister must be quick to understand congregational culture and easily share insights into congregational patterns.  In short, it is critical for the interim minister to engender congregational confidence that their journey be successful.  Rev. Alexa would be honored to share these skills with your congregation.