The title says it all. And of course there are more steps. I have a full body CT scan which we can all pray finds nothing. I have a visit with wonderful Dr. Bicher, and then in 3 months another visit with Dr. B and then in 3 more months another CT scan and more visits with Dr. B. But right now I’m celebrating! Punctuation point. This is done.
With the help and prayers all of you have given me, my body’s done all that was asked of it. Also with my family’s loving support and many many miles of driving by Ken and hand holding by him (literally and figuratively). I’m done with this phase of my treatment. Yea, double yea.
I watched a documentary about Ram Das last night. Not my favorite spiritual leader, but it was about aging and his struggle with life after a stroke. I wanted to see how he made meaning of it all. He says “he’s <been> seasoned by the stroke”. He also says “spiritually <this has been> fierce grace… Healing is not the same as curing. Healing is not going back to the way things were before but rather allowing what is now to move us closer to God.” I can’t wish for anything more than that.
Prayer for today and for the last 6 rounds of chemo.
Dear one – Alexa too has been seasoned by her disease. Let the process of Alexa’s healing bring her closer to you. Let the fierce grace she has experienced during this time move her closer to you. Let all of us move closer to the essence of our being, whatever we call that, through this shared journey of healing. We pray healing is curing in this case, but the journey is the same, healing or curing at least for now. This journey is about spiritual practice, growth of patience, and holding onto hope in the mist of change, loss and pain. It is once again, moving moving Alexa closer to the essence of her being which for her is intimacy with you.