At the end of Round 5 I was darn tired and had some edema. It looks like I may have made a mistake in one of my medications along the way, and that could explain it. It also could be a cumulative effect of the infusions. Or it could be all that fun I had (travel to Saint John, a week of college touring over spring break, and then a week of visitors and excitement over my birthday). For 3 weeks I was constantly on the go. Anyway, round 6, the last scheduled round, is begun and I’m very excited about moving on to life post chemo! Thanks for all your support and love as I’ve gone through this. I really want to say that all of us have gone through. All of us, Ken, Nathan, friends, family, church, intern congregation, pastoral support. Whew, who knew it took a village to heal from cancer?
Little Sermons of the Big Joy, James Broughton
Shake out your qualms.
Shake up your dreams.
Deepen your roots.
Extend your branches.
Trust deep water and head for the open,
even if your vision shipwrecks you.
Dance on a brink.
You are closer to glory
leaping an abyss
than upholstering a rut.
At every crossroad
Be prepared to bump into wonder.
Only love prevails.
Nothing perishes;
nothing survives;
everything transforms!
Blessed one – journeys well begun, journeys in transition, journeys coming to an end. Let us appreciate the journey as well as the destination. Let Alexa honor this journey, as well as this destination. Only love prevails. Blessed be.