The second infusion of my 4th round of chemo is done. My last blood work showed my platelets again up, and I was a bit worried I’d be admitted to the hotel but no. Dr. Bicher was fine with me going ahead so the major part of round 4 is over.
I thought you might want to see me at the infusion center. Explanation moving from top to bottom. Hat and scarf – you get that. Beads a friend was handed by a stranger at the rally and my friend handed on to me. You could say they are my rosary, they are on or near for each infusion. Tubing coming out of port under my shirt. That is where the infusion comes into me in 4 or 5 steps. One fluid to reduce nausea, one to reduce reflux, saline, 2 chemo infusions and then hepron at the end to prevent my port from blocking. On my right wrist Black Lives Matter bracelet (going on 2 years of my wearing that), and on my left the white temporary medical bracelet has a bar code that they click for each drug to make sure it is going to the right person. Over me my favorite home made quilt with a sun flair in the middle and different colors in each quadrant. Flowered beanbag to block the light, glasses to read. Cell phone and earphones and chapstick off camera. That about does it.
Thank you Gd for modern technology and the resources to use it. Time, money, expertise of the staff, including the programmers who write the code to ensure I get the right drug, the pharmacists (in some back corner of the building, but never seen) who make up my infusions exactly to my weight that day, for the reminder of social justice on my wrist, for the blessing of the lady who gave out mardi gras beads at the rally, and more. And Ken by my side, off camera. Blessed be.