I got home Tuesday night. Biopsy results will be back later this week or early next week – but my blood results show such progress this is almost definitely an infection. That said I feel pretty vulnerable to have felt as well as I did when I had an infection that was so bad I needed 5 days in the hospital and now 10 days of antibiotics before they restart chemo. Actually so much time has been lost I’ll start round 3 on my regular round 3 start day.
And obviously we didn’t go to Saint John. It is unclear if it is safe to go to a place that is so remote. Several doctors standing in for my doc over the weekend (her partners) say that they would not let their patients go someplace with so little medical care. Got to work that out.
Source – this journey has so many zigs and zags that Alexa can feel like she’s back at the start even weeks into the process. The hill is so steep dear one, help her take the long view and see that progress is being made with each switchback, and her center holds as she climbs that hill. She is Alexa, not her illness or even her healing. Despite setbacks and hospital errors and contradictory information progress is being made. Let her hold the vision of progress up the hill rather than feeling lost in the uneven progress of switchbacks.