Hi all – This is Colleen.  I’m sitting here with Alexa in her hospital room and offered to do this post for her.  Unfortunately, yesterdays’ procedure did not go as planned.  As you may recall, the 5 cm mass that was found on the CT scan was thought to be an abscess, filled with pus or some other liquid substance.  The staff succeeded in getting a small tube into the mass, but found that it was solid, so they were unable to extract anything.   So the next step is a biopsy, which can’t be done until Monday or Tuesday.  So she’s still here in the hospital, getting IV antibiotics in case the elevated platelets are caused by an infection elsewhere, and waiting for the biopsy.
Once the biopsy is done, it will be about 3 days until the results are back.  So it’s back to waiting mode, to know what this means.  Unfortunately, Ken and Alexa’s much-anticipated trip to St. John’s is scheduled for later this week, so that’s not going to happen.
And now I’m going to offer my own prayer:
Source of Light and Love – Please stick close to Alexa, Ken, and Nathan during this incredibly difficult time.  Give them to strength to face whatever the future holds, and to find whatever gives them the most peace during this journey. Be with us — their friends and family — helping us to know, be, and do what is most supportive and loving for them.  And for all of us, help us find whatever opportunities for light, for love, for healing, and for peace this situation may offer – for, as Alexa says, God is in the cracks, and this moment offers a lot of them.