Please find a sacred moment and just say my name quietly out loud. If you can, if you find sacredness, and if you remember.
I want to tell a story about my friend Cindy and how she knew I really wanted to go to the rally and how I don’t feel I can do that physically. She came over yesterday with her wife Olivia and asked me if I had a little stone I “sort of loved”. Odd request but she let me know she was willing to carry the stone down to the rally and bring it back for me, blessed by what I hope will be a close to a million ralliers lovers of liberty, people focused on kindness and working for peace. She acknowledged that life being life it might not return. I gave her a small white slightly flat very smooth stone and am willing to have it live on the mall if it falls out of her pocket.
Let me tell you of the story of that stone. Over 20 years ago someone suggested I read a book about a white woman who goes on a walkabout with aboriginal people in Australia. Can’t remember the title but someone else may as it was popular in the 1990s. The aboriginals suggested their guest find a stone and put it in her mouth as it would generate moisture, saliva in her mouth. As I gave the stone to Cindy I thought about the dry time to come, indeed the dry time we are in. Yes, my constant thirst for water. But more to the point our faith’s thirst for justice. The thirst for positive change felt by those who share values, and to use one of my favorite words – the simple thirst for kindness and dignity I hope all in our country feel. My little rock in Cindy’s pocket trying to fill so many people’s thirst for deep important things. Thank you Cindy.
Oh and first chemo of round 2 was today and I feel very good. I’ll keep on top of any creeping nausia and that very dry mouth chemo gives me.
The prayer that comes to mind today is by Rev. Rebecca Parker former president at Starr King (the seminary I attend). I don’t need any more theology in my life than this. At Starr King is is often sung as a round – can you hear the voices singing in prayer?
There is a love
Holding me.
There is a love
Holding you.
There is a love
Holding all.
I rest
in this love.