I went to the doctor today – prior to starting round 2 of chemo tomorrow. She was pleased with how I’m doing and answered all our questions. Yes, its true that there is no test for this type of cancer so you really don’t know how you are doing other than physical exams and the occasional CT scan. That said, I seem to be doing very well. The answers I gave to all her questions were what she was hoping for. My physical showed good healing from surgery and nothing bad. I tolerated round 1 of the chemo well, and she thinks that is about how I’ll react to all the rounds (6 in all). She said I can resume yoga. She spoke about several patients of hers who have crossed the 9 year mark with this disease and she had mentioned earlier someone who lived for 15 years. In short I found it to be a hopeful visit and actually quite pleasant as I like her a lot.
Dear spirit of light and hope – I pray for replenishment for Alexa’s leaking vessel of hope. Sometimes hope evaporates, or leaks away. Let her know deeply that it can equally be filled by a good doctor’s visit, the hug of a stranger in the infusion room or the blessing of the community we bring to her.