Yesterday was Nathan’s 17th and his first day back at school. He came back from his full day with enough energy to use the elliptical trainer vigorously for 45 minutes. He’s been told and I’m sure its true that fitness is one of the best preventatives for MS flairs. He’s taking it seriously. The Calculus tutor and Spanish Tutor are in full swing and he’s created an initial schedule with all his teachers to wrap up last term’s work. And he won’t share that with me, which is just fine. This is between school and him – I’ve got no problem with that. What could be a better birth day (the day of his birth, the day I became a mother) present for ME than all that?
And yesterday I got the go ahead for our trip to the Carribean. Feb 1-5 Ken and me on a beautiful island I love dearly, in a resort I’ve never stayed in. Just enough of the old and the new to make it perfect. The doctor said she’d give me a few extra shots of the medicine that makes my white blood cells come back more quickly to prevent infection while in the airplane. Deal.
Today it was beautiful out and Ken and I took a walk in lovely sunny air after my weekly Wed. AM blood draw. A walk outside in Jan, with coats flapping, no gloves no hat, just sun and freshness.
Then I did some errands and actually a bit of recreational sewing.
I’m doing great and from about 5 on I’m pretty tired. But I’m seizing those mornings and day times. Lunch with a friend, a call with another, or teatime. I savor all of them and welcome them as I can.
Next chemo round starts Friday.
Creator of goodness – let Alexa and all of us seize the days, the moments even the breaths that are filled with beauty and light and that sustain us through the mundane and painful. Let us remember to hold onto those moments of awe and glory. They are a gift.