We had a terrific meeting with the principal, Dean of Academics and nurse at Sidwell and they have crafted a plan that Ken and I believe will really set Nathan back on a path to success academically. It is a mix of dropping classes, summer school, some tutoring to catch up those 24 days of missed school, some rest periods with the nurse (as needed). It is realistic, and challenging. They were incredibly respectful of him as a hard working high achieving student, and also fully cognizant of their responsibilities to him moving forward. They reassured him that if a college didn’t see adjustments to a schedule after what he’s been through it would raise more questions than adjustments with excellent performance in the remaining courses. Anyway, we started with meaningful Quaker spirit filled silence and ended the same way. One of Nathan’s teachers wrote him simply the most beautiful and supportive email I’ve ever seen. It was about the poignancy of travel back to a sense of well-being after hospitalization, and his and my diagnosis. Here is just one line “With your illness and now your mom’s illness, you have been unfairly forced to feel the urgency of time in a way many others don’t have to so early in life, (even though, numb though the rest of us may be, we all must face it sooner or later.)” It ends with hope and support both from the teacher and the other students. Got to, got to love that.
Some of you know that I went to Sidwell and it wasn’t a great fit socially for me. I wasn’t eager for Nathan to go there, but I feel he made the right choice, that they uphold the whole person, including the divine within, and I’m very happy about how it is going.
I’m on day 12 of my healing program. The second administration of Chemo is indeed stronger than the first in this round, but okay – all is okay. My insurance for medications has resolved and I’ve met my deductible for the year. (yes 9 days into the year).
The basis for the prayer for today is the email quoted above.
Dear supportive energy – please hold Alexa, Nathan and Ken’s hands as they journey back to a sense of deep well-being through the almost impossible uncertainties of this trip. Hold them with light, hope, community, excellent medical care, supportive insurance and other aids to wellness. Let them feel the light as challenges continue to come and hold onto wisdom as provided by this voyage.