I’ve now taken the second of my two healing infusions for this 21 day period. Great to get that second one in after missing it due to my high platelet count last round. And I’m fortunately feeling well. I went to the Cedar Lane Revolutionary Love “Seminary for a day” today – and loved learning from Rev Jacqui Lewis, Rev. Dr. Graylan Hagler, and Rev. Amanda Poppei, among others.
I meant to post this yesterday and since the post seemed to be getting long I saved it for today:
May we learn to open in love so all the doors and windows of our bodies swing wide on their rusty hinges. May we learn to give ourselves with both hands, to lift each other on our shoulders, to carry one another along. May holiness move in us so we pay attention to its small voice and honor its light in each other. —Dawna Markova
Prayer for today (FYI – MaaBaap is the conjunction of mother and father in Hindi, and is often a reference deity in Hindu worship, or as Indians acknowledge a person who has helped them a lot. It is one of my personal names for the divine). comment on someone who has been
Maa Baap, This is a time that calls for persistence and resistance on so many fronts. For all of us persisting and resisting to create justice in our world. And for Alexa as she continues to heal from and learn from cancer. Let us all persist. Blessed be